Why do Automakers Choose to Ship Antifreeze in Flexitanks?

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Flexibags for Sale

Flexitanks are fast becoming the global shipping market’s preferred solution for bulk liquid shipping. Flexitank reservoirs are far more economical than traditional shipping methods and they offer significant technical advantages for shippers and their receiving clients.

For more efficient shipping, it simply makes sense to move to a flexible bag solution.

Antifreeze shippers have embraced the use of Techno Tanks™. See why this has occurred, and how flexible bladder shipping solutions could benefit your organization.

Flexitanks for Sale – An Overview

Before we consider the reasons why automakers have moved to this innovative shipping solution, let’s take a look at what these flexible shipping tanks are.

Flexitanks are used globally as an innovative, safer, and more efficient bulk liquid shipping solution. They are frequently used to transport non-hazardous goods, including antifreeze, an automotive liquid based on glycol solutions.

Unlike traditional rigid tanks or drums, Techno Tanks™ are specialized bladders that are filled with liquid products to expand inside of shipping containers. They can be used to convert standard dry goods shipping containers into versatile and cost-efficient bulk liquid shipping containers.

Flexitanks for sale can save both money and time in the shipping process, as we will explore when we compare them to other existing solutions.

Why do Automakers Prefer Flexitanks Reservoirs?

Automakers and other types of companies in the automotive industry prefer flexible tanks for several reasons. All are important.

  • These tanks are more affordable than other shipping methods where the container needs to be maintained and returned to base.

  • They are environmentally friendly.

  • They are safe for all types of nonhazardous liquid cargo, including antifreeze.

  • Less handling is required when loading and transferring liquid cargo.

  • With Techno Tanks™ a complete logistics service is offered along with the flexible tanks, making the overall shipping process easier and more cost-effective.

Any company in the automotive industry that wants a more streamlined method of shipping antifreeze and other nonhazardous compounds will find that flexitank reservoirs are the ideal solution.

Flexible Shipping Tanks are Better Than Rigid Containers

To understand exactly why automakers and other automotive companies prefer flexible shipping tanks, we only need to take a look at some comparisons to more traditional shipping methods.

Here are some impressive facts about Techno Tanks™ from Techno Group USA:

  • Techno Tanks™ convert 20-foot containers into versatile liquid haulers. They can then be used to ship antifreeze by road, rail, or sea.

  • Capacity ranges from 16,000 to 24,000 liters. Only ISO Tanks provide more capacity at 26,000 liters, but they’re much more costly to use.

  • Techno Tanks™ don’t need to be returned to base for cleaning and maintenance. A one-way trip reduces cost and increases efficiency.

  • Flexible tanks are easy to load and unload. Fewer operators are required, which again improves efficiency and reduces cost.

  • The materials used to make Techno Tanks™ can be recycled, making them an environmentally responsible option.

No matter how you look at it, flexible tanks are far more efficient than traditional rigid shipping containers for antifreeze.

Comparing Directly to ISO

ISO Tanks have a high capacity, being able to ship up to 26,000 liters of product. However, they have downsides like the need for repositioning after shipping. This adds to the cost and complexity of shipping. It is also inefficient both in time and in terms of environmental waste when considering the fuel that it takes to reposition the tanks.

ISO Tanks are also prohibitively expensive for many businesses. Automakers and other auto industry companies prefer using the more affordable Techno Tanks™.

Comparing Directly to IBC Totes

So how about IBC Totes? These are smaller than tanks and up to 18 can be positioned in a container for up to 21,000 liters of product. This gets close to Techno Tanks™ but isn’t quite on the same level. In addition to having a slightly reduced capacity, IBC Totes require repositioning and cleaning. Rental is expensive and loading is time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially considering that 18 individual tanks need to be handled.

Flexible Techno Tanks™ are the more efficient and more affordable solution to ship antifreeze in bulk.

Comparing Directly to 55 Gallon Drums

Finally, we can consider 55 Gallon Drums. These are by far the least efficient shipping method. 80 per container results in a total shipment of 16,000 liters per container. They can’t be palletized and they’re prohibitively expensive to relocate and clean. They require extensive handling with 80 pieces per container, and they also pose environmental hazards.

50 Gallon Drums are outdated and outperformed when looking at modern solutions like Techno Tanks™.

Get Started with a Consultation and Estimate for Flexitanks Shipping Solutions

Techno Group USA is a leader in flexible tank shipping solutions. Our Techno Tanks™ are made to the highest industry standards using the best materials for product stability and safety.

Our flexitanks for sale can safely carry your product for export or domestic shipping. We offer a complete logistics service to help you make the most of your investment in a more efficient shipping method.

The bottom line is that Techno Tanks™ are more efficient than ISO Tanks, IBC Totes, and 55 Gallon Drums. This is why automotive companies prefer shipping antifreeze using our solutions. You can join them by talking to us to begin your consultation today.

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