How Are Flexible Tanks Becoming A Solution For The Transportation of Wine In Bulk?

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When transporting wine, you haven’t had many options before. Usually, the best way of doing it was using drums, which came with a slew of problems. However, the rise of Flexitanks means that the way wine is transported is changing. What is it that makes them such a better investment? Here’s why you need to make the change as soon as possible.

The Drawbacks Of Drums and Tankers

Drums and tankers are the standard when transporting most liquids, but there are several drawbacks to using them. Firstly, their shape means you can get as much wine onto a truck or container as you can, but there’s still unused space between the drums once you’ve loaded up . That means you’re not getting as much wine on that shipment as you could, ultimately costing you more resources to transport.

Then there’s the fact that drums need to be cleaned and sent back to their point of origin. Once you’ve decanted the wine from the drums, you’ve then got to pay for them to be sent back to their depot and cleaned out, ready for their next shipment. This eats into your profits and is far from efficient.

When those drums aren’t being used, you’ve got to find somewhere to store them. Again, this is going to cost money and you need to pay for the storage of them until you need them again.

Finally, drums need a lot of labor to move them around, fill them and empty them, and generally, getting them from one place to another. Yet again that’s costing the business more in the long run.

The Benefits Of A Flexitank

You’ve been using drums for years, so what makes a Flexitank better? Here are a few reasons why you’ll want to make the switch.

Less Risk Of Contamination: A Flexitank is a single-use item. That means that once you’ve used it to transport your wine, it’s time to dispose of it. As you’re not using it, there’s less risk of cross-contamination with other liquids that could be carried in it.

Use Up All Available Space: A Flexitank is essentially a large bag that you place in a container, and fill up from the nozzle on the top of it. As it’s a bag, it will expand as it fills, taking up all the available space. No more dead space in your shipments, potentially lowering the number of shipments you have to make.

No More Storage Costs: Again, as a Flexibag is a single-use item, once you’ve used it, you’ll dispose of it. No more paying to have them stored, as you won’t need to.

FDA Approved: What’s great about Flexibags is that they’re approved for the transport of food and medical grade liquids by the FDA. When you use them, you know that your wine is as safe as can be.

No Cleaning Required: Using a disposable Flexitank means that you’re not paying to clean empty drums anymore, or paying to have them transported empty. Any time you transport them, they’ll be carrying wine for you so no more wasted money on empty containers.

Good For The Environment: Just because a Flexibag is disposable, doesn’t mean it’s bad for the environment. The bags are totally recyclable, so nothing is wasted. The materials are used again, and you know you’re getting a brand new container every time you use one.

Faster Loading And Unloading: As the saying goes, time is money. With a Flexitank, it’s much quicker to load and unload your product. You’ll save a huge amount of time, getting your wine moved on in the quickest way possible.

Less Lost Product: Speaking of moving product, you’ll find that with a Flexibag, you’ll lose a lot less product while it’s in transit. That’s another way you can preserve your product and your profit.

There are so many reasons why you should make the change to Flexitanks when moving the wine. It’s a great way to save space, time, and money all in one go. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly. With Flexitanks being FDA approved, now is the best time to make the switch. Change to Flexitanks today and you’ll see the difference they make.

Author: miamiseo