What are Flexitank Reservoirs and Its Uses?

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A Flexitank Reservoir is ideal for water storage. This unit requires no tools for assembly and reduces both storage and shipping costs. In addition to logistical advantages, Flexitank reservoirs can fit where other reservoirs cannot. They can even be stored away without taking up excessive room.

TechnoGroupUSA is a global leader in Flexitanks, Flexibags, and accessories. With years of extensive industry experience, we provide the perfect storage solutions for high volumes of water, wine, and dry foodstuffs. Each unit is meticulously tested and must pass stringent requirements and criteria before going to market. Their highly-dedicated team also offers logistical support with timely answers to all questions and concerns.

How can a Flexitank Reservoir help you?

Flexitank Reservoirs are designed to overcome the challenges of bulk liquid shipping. These units are cost-effective, versatile, and the perfect alternative to traditional drums and toes. Techno Tanks™ continue to receive significant industry ratings and reviews from bulk shipping companies and contractors alike. With so many benefits like cost-effectiveness and time saving on shipping, these units are the perfect solution for bulk-liquid shipping problems and delays.

Here are some of the perks of purchasing Flexitank reservoirs from TechnoGroupUSA:

  • Flexitank reservoirs are more efficient than traditional drums and totes.
  • We feature Flexitanks and accessories at the best prices in the industry.
  • Flexitank reservoirs are ideal for shipping liquid cargo for companies of all sizes. These units improve your company’s shipping logistics with cost-savings, time-saving, and a positive impact on the fiscal bottom line.
  • These tanks are versatile and require no special tools for assembly. They also fit where other reservoirs cannot – saving you crucial space and time on storage and loading/unloading.

What products are suitable for Flexitank Reservoirs?

Flexitanks are ideal for shipping or storing nonhazardous materials within 20 ft. containers. These are standard container sizes that are designed to accommodate a range of applications. As one of the best Flexitank companies in the world, TechnoGroupUSA has partnered with a myriad of companies like Pepsi, Shell, and Hitachi for collaborative bulk-shipping solutions.

With this in mind,   Flexitank reservoirs can store or ship the following products:

  • Bulk-water, concentrates, wines, and juices.
  • Olive oil, vegetable oil, animal oil, and other edible oils.
  • Motors oils, lubricants, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Syrups and other beverages.
  • Cosmetics, hygiene products, shampoos, conditioners, body gels, detergents, and makeup.
  • Liquid condiments, sauces, dry foodstuffs, and other items for the food industry.
  • Flexitanks are the perfect alternative to ocean tankers.

TechnoGroupUSA products cater to bulk-liquid shipping companies across the world. These companies are moving away from traditional drums and ocean tankers in favor of Flexitanks/Flexibags.

Flexitanks are also great for storage

In addition to bulk-liquid shipping, Flexitank reservoirs are suitable for both short-term or long-term storage. They are versatile and perfect for on-site containers waiting to be loaded for transportation. However, they can be used for bulk-liquid storage solutions for non-hazardous goods. This eliminates the need for drums or traditional reservoir systems when it comes to flexible storage solutions.

Flexitank reservoirs were initially manufactured for military applications. However, they have evolved for use in the commercial shipping sectors. TechnoGroupUSA remains at the forefront of Flexibag production with high-quality tanks made from innovative materials. All tanks are approved by the FDA and are great for shipping or storing all types of products.

Why should you consider Flexitanks?

If you are dealing with loading/unloading delays or units that leak due to weak bladder systems, chances are you need to upgrade your shipping solutions. Flexitanks decrease the cost of your shipping and expedite your loading and unloading times. They also keep your cleaning costs low since these tanks eliminate the need for reusable totes and drums.

Bulk-liquid shipping companies have dealt with so many challenges over the years. These include tanks that are not dependable, along with increased costs of shipping due to several logistical issues. TechnoGroupUSA provides timely solutions with Flexitank reservoirs that are flexible and not rigid in design. These units rely on expanding design, which is suitable for filling the volume inside of standard sea or railway containers.

With these reliable, dependable, and sturdy units, your company can maximize the space for shipping non-hazardous goods. With benefits for both storage and shipping, these units have truly overcome many existing and new challenges faced by bulk-liquid shippers. Here are some more advantages of Flexitanks to keep in mind:

  • Flexitanks – on average – weigh much less than drums, totes, and standard tanks. They are flexible, mobile, and can genuinely reduce your freight costs.
  • Flexitanks take up minimal space before they shipped to your desired destination. This improves space allocation and speeds up both unloading, loading, and storage.
  • These units have been tested over and over to ensure optimal performance for bulk-liquid storage of shipping.
  • These tanks can even be folded before use – this allows you to store them on-site with reduced costs.
  • Flexitanks are made for single-use, so there is never any contamination to worry about. You do not need to clean these tanks since they are not reusable.

If you are in the bulk-liquid shipping industry, you know how vital reliable tanks are to shipping and storage. The team at TechnoGroupUSA has a proven track record of success and always assist new and existing customers with their needs. Simply contact them today or visit their website to learn more.

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