Liquid Bulk Transportation Rules That Companies Use To Ensure Quality And Safety

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The role of any bulk liquid transportation company is to ensure maximum quality and safety across the board. Techno Group USA is a global leader in bulk liquid solutions with years of extensive experience. With their signature Flexitanks, bladders, and accessories, they can safely haul or help you store over 60 non-hazardous commodities. These include bulk waters, concentrates, wines, juices, oils, pharmaceuticals, and much more.

Whether over land or sea, shipping bulk liquids is an intricate process that must meet all guidelines and rules. Shippers also have to comply with maritime laws and domestic and international governing bodies’ regulations. From shippers and hire carriers to specialized freight brokers, each person plays a vital role in safely moving bulk products across the U.S.

As Techno Group USA continues to expand, they are consistently updating their safety and quality control requirements for bulk liquid hauling and storing. To ensure maximum satisfaction for new and existing customers, here are some ways the company continues to set the parameters for employees and clients.

Ensuring all equipment is fully compatible

Bulk shippers must ensure all equipment is up to date and fully compatible across the board. Most companies have safety data sheets and checklists for tanks, bladders, and other systems. They also check loaders, unloaders, and Flexibags – the signature product for Techno Group USA. The company has stringent requirements that Flexitanks must pass before going to market. This ensures their durability, safety, versatility, and environmentally-friendly properties for single-use or recycling.

Ensuring all products are fully compatible

As mentioned above, Techno Group USA manufacturers leading Flexitanks for transportation and container liquid storage. However, each item must comply with the company’s quality control guidelines and demands. Similarly, some bulk liquids may work in different types of tanks – especially if shipping is time-sensitive, and the integrity and quality must be preserved. While Flexitanks certainly keep your bulk liquids safe and leak-free, it is best to speak with a representative at Techno Group to discuss cost-effective options and measures.

Transportation Safety is always of paramount concern

Quality control goes beyond general inspections of tanks and bladders in the inventory. Bulk shippers must also ensure safety guidelines are followed to a tee during the unloading and loading processes. This includes adhering to set rules and precautions in loading and unloading docks and areas. Containment and contingency plans must be in place incase of spills or unforeseen circumstances. All shipping personnel must undergo hazmat-specific safety raining and know how to use harnesses if loaders go on top of tanks. Also, drivers and shippers must be fully trained and certified to handle all processes en route to your desired destinations. Techno Group USA has a professional team on hand for every shipping job – including logistical teams, dispatchers, and others ready to take action when inclement weather strikes.

What about for-hire transportation carriers?

For-hire carriers also play an essential role in meeting safety guidelines and concerns. After all, carriers do a lot more than receive orders from Techno Group USA and drive. There are many precautions the must take when shipping bulk liquids. These include but are not limited to:

  • Truck and equipment maintenance – Having entirely safe and functional trucks and equipment is a must for bulk liquid transports via ground. With this in mind, Techno Group USA performs daily equipment and vehicle inspections. They also train drivers to handle emergencies with care while staying in touch with dispatch throughout the trip. As always, loading and unloading Flexibags must be followed accordingly to meet time-sensitive deadlines and increase productivity and performance across multiple departments.
  • Compliance – Full compliance calls for all carriers to have current insurance and valid registration. This is similar to shipping bulk liquids in containers across the sea – where vessels must have current registries for desired port-of-calls. There are also hours of service regulations and logging device mandates that keep everything on record if the need arises.
  • Delivering on time – Carriers are tasked with transporting bulk liquids safely and on time. Even the slightest delay can cause irreparable harm and damage between shippers and clients. Similarly, time-sensitive deliveries are important since certain bulk liquid products can change consistency or react to tank materials if they stay within these containers for too long.

The Techno Group USA Difference

Techno Group USA abides by all governing rules and regulations. However, they have laid the blueprint in the industry for many other shippers and companies to follow. This separates them from the rest, and the demand for their services continues to expand each year. As a certified, seasoned liquid bulk transportation company, they feature compatible equipment and understand which Flexitanks work best to achieve your needs.

The company is bulk-freight specialists and always has a firm eye on details and protocols. From checking customer contact information to performing carrier background checks, they understand the importance of honesty, integrity, and optimal safety in all job areas. Whether for short-term storage, long-term storage, or recurring bulk liquid shipments, you can rely on this company to do the job right. No bulk-volume assignment is ever too big or small, and they are fully certified and insured across the board. With a professional logistics team, shippers, and Flexitank manufacturers, they have the tools and equipment to meet all your liquid transportation needs within time and budget.

Learn more today by visiting their website or contact them for all shipping questions or concerns.

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