15 Jul
save money with flexibags
How to Save Money When Shipping Bulk Liquids
Category: Flexibags, bulk liquid transport
While the transportation of goods is a common practice around the globe, you might not give it much thought if you aren’t in the transport industry. This is especially true when it...
31 Jul
flexitanks for sale
When Should You Use a Flexibag or Flexitank for Bulk Liquid Transportation?
Category: bulk liquid transport, Flexitanks
Bulk shipping of liquids demands a dependable solution that fulfills all safety standards while making certain efficiency exists throughout bulk transportation. Conventionally, bul...
16 Jul
International Bulk Shipping Rules and Regulations You Need to Know
Category: bulk liquid transport
The idea of providing bulk liquid solutions internationally can seem daunting to say the least. After all, this task demands a lot of trust. For starters, the carrier you collabora...