Why Are Flexibags and Flexitanks the Best for Bulk Liquid Transportation?

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Previously, tank containers were the main means for facilitating bulk liquid transportation until the invention of flexitanks took place. Flexitanks are collapsible bags designed to fit in 20 ft. general freight containers. These bags convert typical containers into bulk transport units and are substitutes for the more conventional drums and tanks that ship oils, juices, and other non-hazardous liquids. Here’s a look at why we recommend flexitanks and flexibags for offering reliable bulk liquid solutions.

Why Are Flexibags and Flexitanks the Best for Bulk Liquid Transportation

Enhanced Shipping Capacity

Our flexitanks can accommodate up to 24,000 liters in a freight container, so they can accommodate larger quantities, unlike other modes such as barrels and IBCs.

Our flexitanks are easy to fill up, meaning there’s no need to fill up numerous containers and load them onto a truck. We simply fill them once they’re inside a shipping container for efficiency. This translates into higher liquid volumes at one time. Furthermore, our flexibags speed up the loading process by filling one tank, unlike barrels.


When using our flexibags for bulk liquid solutions, you’ll offset your carbon footprint. Our collapsible bags aren’t just economically feasible for companies. They offer a more sustainable choice for bulk liquid transportation as well.

You can count on our collapsible bags to be more efficient than alternative modes of transportation, for instance, drums. Our reusable containers further ensure zero waste during shipping since it’s possible to reuse and recycle them.

Greater Availability

Other units for facilitating bulk liquid transportation need cleaning before being transported to where they’re required once used. This can yield shortages when you have to transport non-hazardous liquids. With our flexitanks, you can transport them virtually anywhere worldwide before loading them into a readily accessible 20 ft. general container.

Decreased Transportation Costs

Options such as IBCs, ISO tanks, and other bulk containers are oftentimes associated with rental, clean- up, and return costs, which cost more than flexitanks. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about disposal or cleaning costs.

You can recycle our bags and return the 20ft. container. It’s worth noting that one-way transportation decreases the shipping cost since the flexibag doesn’t go back to the place of origin.

Less Labor

You don’t need forklifts or heavy lifting to load our flexibags. You’ll discover that our flexibags decrease unloading and loading times considerably. Once you position the bag in the container, you simply need a pump and hose to unload and load the bulk liquid efficiently and fast.

Flexibags versus Drums

Drums are available in various materials, including fiber, plastic, or steel. Regardless of their kind, drums require an inner lining or coating for sustaining food hygiene along with strapping and a pallet for safety purposes.

For numerous businesses, drums are a standard means of providing bulk liquid solutions. After all, they offer some benefits because of their size uniformity, which allows easy stacking and transportation. Despite their benefits, drums offer a challenging means of transportation when it comes to maneuverability, safety, and storage, unlike flexibags.

  • Our flexibags enable maximization of space use because of their expandable nature. Therefore, there’s a high chance of decreasing transportation costs and the number of shipments.
  • Transporting bulk liquids via drums is more costly because of their weight, cleaning, handling, and relocation requirements.

Flexibags versus ISO Tanks

bulk liquid transportation ISO tanks have been a standard means of transporting bulk liquids for non-hazardous and hazardous materials; this differentiates them from flexibags. Since they’re stainless steel-made, they’re meant to be shipped by rail, sea, or road, and eradicate the risks of moving liquids from different containers since the same vessel functions throughout the journey.

You can store these tanks easily throughout layovers or delays. Furthermore, they’re robust and reusable because of their stainless steel-made frames and their ability to resist adverse weather and damage. Typically, ISO tanks can accommodate up to 26,000 liters; this capacity is slightly bigger than that of a flexibag.

Despite their numerous benefits, ISO tanks don’t provide the most optimal solution for facilitating bulk liquid transportation. A major concern is cleaning, which frequently yields increased costs because their cleaning must take place at an approved facility. Also, ISO tanks are costly to replace and produce. Although ISO tanks are beneficial, our flexibags provide the transportation, storage, and shipping industries with a cost-effective and innovative solution.

  • Flexibags are single-use items, unlike ISO tanks, so there’s no need to worry about incurring costs on transporting or cleaning empty tanks after immediate use.
  • Flexibags are economical in terms of stocking besides allowing easy shipping and transportation in a 20 ft. container
  • Flexibags are more feasible since you can reuse a standard container, unlike an ISO tank, which needs emptying before sending it to a different destination because return shipments don’t apply.
  • Flexibags are environmentally friendly because you can recycle them

Functions of Flexibags

Our flexitanks are highly effective and can perform the following functions:

Fuel reservation

You can rely on our flexibags to store and ship liquid fuels, for instance, diesel, oil, and gasoline. To offer the adjacent area with safety and confinement, a protective lining exists for that purpose.

Water reservation

Flexibags take up considerable space and are very convenient throughout times of disasters and emergencies during which they can store and transport water effectively.

If you’re looking to transport bulk liquids effectively without worrying about accidental spills, you can count on our reliable services and flexibags to meet your business needs.

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