Top Uses for Bladder and Pillow Tanks

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Bladder tanks are ideal for container liquid storage solutions. No more accurate is this than for long fishing or boat trips that require sufficient fuel capacity and reserves. Techno Group USA features signature Techno Tanks ™ for new yachts and boat bladder tanks made of high-quality, composite flexible technologies. These units are manufactured to hold 30 to 3,000 gallons and can be customized to fit any desired area aboard your boat or deck.

More extended fishing and yacht trips tend to have higher fuel consumption. The last thing your vessel needs is to run out of fuel and end up being towed to the nearest port by the Coast Guard or maritime services. These bladder tanks can easily hold lower-cost fuel or high-grade fuel when at the port.

What do maritime tanks offer boat and yacht owners?

Techno Group features a range of marine bladder tanks for extended yachting, sailing, and charter fishing trips. These high-end, durable, and reliable units are perfect for ferrying and cruise ships. They can be placed in vented lockers, on deck, or wherever you prefer aboard your boat. They are flexible enough to be filled with diesel fuels or gas with a standard pump nozzle.

Techno Tanks can even be used to ferry aircraft or feed fuel to power generators. Similarly, they are utilized for bulk liquid transports like petroleum products. Likewise, these tanks may be used as emergency flotation devices and customized for use in cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Here are some of the key benefits of bladder tanks for new and existing clients:

  • These units are designed to carry extra fuels.
  • Bladder tanks have passed stringent quality control requirements.
  • Techno Group can customize these units based on your preferred specifications.
  • They carry extra water and are small, light, and easy to transport.
  • These units are easy to fold and store when empty.
  • Simply fill the tanks with diesel or gas with any standard refueling nozzle.
  • All products are proudly made in the U.S.A with recyclable and reusable materials for environmental protection.

Which fuels can I fill fuel bladder tanks with?

There is a myriad of approved fuels for fuel bladder tanks. Techno Group is available to answer any product-related safety questions or concerns. They also offer detailed product descriptions for all products and is one of – if not the best liquid bulk transportation companies in the world today. Whether planning a long fishing trip or storing some fuel reserves, there are several guidelines and safety factors that must be followed and considered. Again, the company can guide any new or existing customer about the proper usage of bladder and pillow tanks. Here are some approved fuels for these reliable and affordable units:

  • Gasoline and Diesel
  • Bio-Diesel
  • Ethanol
  • 100LL Fuel
  • Kerosene
  • Lubricants
  • #2 and #4 Fuel Oils

Additional benefits of pillow bladder tanks

In addition to gas and diesel, pillow bladder tanks can be used to store clean or potable water. With precise directions, these units are easy to use and put away when no longer in use. Simply unfold them as directed and use a standard refueling nozzle to fill them up with gas, diesel, or water with a funnel. The tanks are also safe, durable, and manufactured from high-grade materials for superior strength and consistency. They are also puncture-resistant and take up little to no space aboard your vessel.

You can even fold the tank up after use and store it for future use. If you cannot find a Techno Tank™ size that meets your immediate or long-term needs, let Techno Group know and they can create one for you with the dimensions you provide.

Are these pillow and bladder systems safe for transport?


Absolutely. Fuel bladders are equipped with essential components for transportation on boats or vehicles. This includes flexible skirts, adjustable towage straps, and more. These constraints prevent the tanks from slipping and shuffling en route to your desired destinations. They also preserve the quality and integrity of the gas, diesel, fuels, or water you are transporting.

They are also versatile, especially if you need to transform traditional storage tanks to transportable, flexible tanks. The fuel bladders can be loaded, unloaded, or towed by machines or equipment for optimal placement and usage. Techno Group USA is known for producing high-end fuel bladders made with elastomer coated fabrics for added protection. These materials ensure water tightness and resistance to rips, leaks, tears, and other common mishaps associated with generic bladders or outdated tanks/drum rolls.

What about liquid storage bladders?

Liquid storage bladders are designed to store several types of liquids. However, when maximum capacity is reached, the bladder tank transforms into a massive pillow tank. This gives these units the flexibility then needs to store bulk liquids without overspill safely.

Flexible bladders are made from high-resistance PVC/TPU materials that are welded with high-frequency soldering techniques. This gives them the durability and consistency to perform as designed. The bladder walls are also U.V. resistant, which is essential in keeping water and other liquids cool and ready to store or transport. With innovative solutions for various applications, you can rely on Techno Group USA to deliver the right tanks that meet all your logistical, shipping, storage, and financial needs.

For more information on bladder and pillow tanks, contact Techno Group USA or click the link below.

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