How to prepare a container for a flexitank

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Proper container preparation is just as important as the container selection itself. Any unnoticed flaw in the container can puncture and damage the flexitank.

Here are the main points to properly preparing or fitting your container. If you require any further assistance contact us and we’ll be glad to help you.

  • Open container and sweep out all dust and dirt.
  • Use duct tape to cover the corner welds of the container. There are typically 2 welds on each side of the container and 2 more on the front wall. Put duct tape from the floor of the container to approximately ¾ the height of the container wall. This is to prevent the rough welds from chafing the flexitank.
  • Using your hand, feel the walls of the container for rough spots. Cover any rough spots with duct tape. Use corrugation to cover any rough wall areas.
  • Inspect the container floor for nails, screws, or anything else that might puncture the flexitank. Remove any sharp objects on the floor. Use duct tape or corrugation to cover any rough spots on the floor of the container.

NOTE: The flexitank box may be used to cover large portions of the floor if required. Use of corrugation does not replace correct container preparation.

Nail in flexitank container
Nail in flexitank container
Rust in flexitank container
Rust in flexitank container
  • If the container does not pass all categories of the checklist, reject the container and use another one.
  • Once your container is examined and prepared, you can proceed to cover the internal walls and floor with corrugated paper and begin your flexitank installation.
Flexitank fitted Container
Fitted Container For A Flexitank

Those are the basics on how to fit a container for your flexitank!

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