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Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Techno Group’s objective is to generate sustainable prosperity of our customers, employees and suppliers through our business operations. We are committed to conducting business responsibly at all times, which means respecting the safety and health of our employees, protecting the environment, respecting the human rights of our employees and those in the communities in which we operate, and contributing to the sustainable development of those communities.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is embedded in our company values, guided by standards and best practices, and driven by our aspiration for excellence in the overall performance of our business. Through the efforts of each of our employees, Techno Group is determined to take pride in being responsible, respected, and acting with integrity at all times.

This Policy shall be understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the company as well as being reviewed periodically for its continuing suitability and effectiveness.

In an effort to support our planet and our future generations, Techno Group has pledged to donate 10% of all its annual profits to help fight and eradicate child labor, hunger and poverty in under developed nations, for as long as the company remains family owned.

Setting high quality standards while working with sustainable principles and caring for our planet and our communities.

our environment

Techno Group is determined the take care of the planet and there are many areas we are constantly working at in order to achieve this goal. All of our product lines in essence are designed and manufactured in a way that reduces the carbon foot print as well as the consumption of natural resources and they are all engineered with highest technological advances in orders to reduce risks and waste. The materials used in our tanks are all recyclable and easy to dispose of and we comply with all local, state and national regulations in each country in order to properly dispose of and recycle the residual material left in any tank event if its just a few liters.

By shipping and storing liquids in bulk your are not only saving money and creating efficiencies in your supply chain; shipping greater volume and lower mass significantly reduces carbon emissions, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide.

A win for our customers, our company and the planet!

container iso tank

We want to keep improving our sustainability practices, so we are in the process of joining the United Nations Global Compact.


At Techno Group we have two main recycling initiatives.

All our tanks contain polypropylene and polyethylene and we strive to work with our partners and customers to recover all the used tanks in order to recycle this materials. After proper melting of the material, all the plastic can be extruded and pelletized giving way to use this pellets to make brand new products.

Our second largest initiative is involves the recovery, refurbishing and re usage of our steel bulkheads. Each time these steel frames are reused, we are creating drastic savings in carbon foot print along several supply chains as less steels bars need to me manufactured, transported and handled at different destinations. All our bulkheads are systematically inspected before reuse to ensure they will operate above standard requirements.

Lets work towards a better future and a better world. If you are interested in disposing of your bulkheads or tanks, just reach out, we’ll be glad to help!

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