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Over the past 15-plus years, we have manufactured thousands of flexitanks. We are certain that with proper use and care you will see great benefits and will never go back to traditional transportation methods . If you require different specifications for your flexitank just let us know what you need and we'll do everything we possibly can to meet your requirements.

We offer flexitanks manufactured with 3 or 4 layers of co-extrusion of linear polyethylene of 125 microns of oriented molecules plus a layer of extra thick HD polypropylene.

Each kit includes the following:

(1) Flexitank with 3″ Bottom Ball Valve for loading and unloading (with valve cap). We can add a second valve on the top for loading purposes.
(1) Top Air vent with a 3 meter hose for pressure relief
(1) Cardboard Bulkhead (other options available)
(1) Set of 5 metallic bars (2″ x 2″ )
(1) Carboard Roll
Accessories: Valve Support – Bulkhead spacers – Door Bumpers – Warning Labels – Installation supplies – Valve Cap with Lock – Door lock with serial number.

*We can manufacture flexitanks with capacities ranging from 14,000 liters to 26,000 liters.
**Accessories can be added, removed and modified based on customer requirements.

PolyethyleneProprietary blend of co-extruded PE film125mic
PolypropyleneProprietary blend of high tensile woven PP (Premium Flexitank - 4 Layers)225gr/m2
PolypropyleneProprietary blend of high tensile woven PP (Standard Flexitank - 3 Layers)175gr/m2
Resistance to stretchingTD (ASTM D638IV at 50mm)≥ 36 Mpa
Tear resistance
MD (ASTM D1004)≥ 90 N
Tear resistanceTD (ASTM D1004)
≥ 90 N
ElongationTD (ASTM D638IV at 50mm) Continuous≥ 99 N
ElongationTD (ASTM D638IV at 50mm) Woven PE≥ 675%
Tensile strengthTD (DIN 53857)190 DAN/5CM
Tensile strengthMD (DIN 53857)200 DAN/5CM
Elongation to ruptureTD (DIN 53857)18%
Elongation to ruptureMD (DIN 53857)14%
Flange10pcs bolted fittingFood Grade
Air Vent AssemblyTop Ctr. Inc. 3m HoseYes
ValvePressure Tested Ball TypeYes
Safety Bulkhead SystemSteel & Woven ConstructionYes