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Heating pads provide a solution to the glucose and oil industry

A client based in Indonesia was sourcing glucose syrup ingredients from China to use in production. Local supply was unreliable and worse quality than the overseas alternative, so imports of glucose were necessary.

With a required discharge temperature of 45ºc, glucose must be heated to allow for pumping on arrival. However, the plant in Indonesia was congested, with a shortage of space to stage containers during the heating process.

heating case flexitanks techno tanks

A solution was created which incorporated full door-to-door delivery, including heating at an offsite location. An investment was made in a boiler and an efficient off-site heating station was set-up, meaning that the customer would receive cargo on site already heated and ready for direct discharge into their tanks. Risk management and liability during the heating process was included in the service offering.

Accurate forecasting was supported by clear visibility of cargo in the supply chain, and operational processes at the factory in Jakarta were streamlined. There were reductions in energy and handling costs, and the higher quality imported glucose was received at a competitive price.

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